The Naval Ravikant Formula To Escape the Rat Race for Good

No. You are not getting an over-glorified version of Naval Ravikant’s life story here. You have had enough of such rags to riches stories. Isn’t it so? All those dated self-help tropes. The anecdotes of unshakable determination and sheer hard work. Highly motivational. Great for sales. But there’s a problem. These stories don’t work. They […]

How To Heal Out of Your Emotional Trauma When No One Will Support You

It’s not just you. Nor is it any imperfection. It’s only natural. To be human is to suffer. Getting fired. Breaking up with your long-term partner. Letting down your children. Suffering heavy losses in business. The emotional trauma can get unbearable. But it does get better. Sooner or later, we do grow out of these […]

Quitting 9-to-5? Five Questions You Better Ask Yourself Before Taking the Next Big Step

Let me guess. You hate your job. Your boss doesn’t treat you well. You don’t enjoy doing what you are doing. And even after working your ass off, you are living paycheck to paycheck. If you could, you would quit your 9-to-5 right away. You are not alone. Most people are unsatisfied with their jobs. […]

How To Make Life Easier for Your Future Self

How to make life easier for your future self? Here is a fair question to ask yourself from the get-go: “Do I want a cozy now, or should I go for a better tomorrow?” It’s not rocket science. Easy choices now, a hard life tomorrow. Hard calls now and an easier life for tomorrow. But […]

5 Self-Improvement Books To Read Before Graduating College

Do you know what sucks about growing up? Paying bills. Want to know what sucks even worse? Learning that most of what you have spent those precious years of your life studying won’t do you any favors in paying bills or living better. Imagine the utter confusion, not knowing what to do with your life. […]

The Easiest Way To Be More Confident Most People Never Figure Out

“How to be more confident?” Good question. But I have got a better one. “What do you mean when you say the word confidence?” Are you overly concerned about how you look, speak, what car you drive, and most importantly, what other people think about you? If you say yes, you are (A) mistaken and […]

How Is Tim Ferriss So Successful & How You Can Replicate Similar Results

Who doesn’t want a good head start in life? Rich parents. Genius level IQ. Good genetics. Crazy luck. Only if I had those things; all my life problems would disappear. That’s what we tell ourselves. Don’t we? What do we do next? We do what we do best. We sit back and do nothing. While […]

How To Make Meditation Easier for Beginners

“How to make meditation easier?” Let’s be honest. You can’t. It’s just not for you. You have tried everything and skimmed through various fancy techniques. Yet, none of it worked. Right? Meditation is boring, stressful, and unproductive. In the end, all you are left with is drowsiness and a head full of guilt. I get […]

How To Catch Narcissists Lie & Make Them Spill the Beans

See. It’s not rocket science. Narcissists lie as means to either save their skins, main their hold of power & attention, or make them feel good about themselves. Also, there’s the part where they take their feelings and opinions and push hard to pass them as facts. Not only to others. But also to themselves. […]

The Most Underrated Technique To Beat Burnout (That Is Also Crazy Effective)

I understand if you don’t want to feel burned out ever again. And with some nifty workload management tricks, you can do that. But, recovering when you are already suffering from burnout? Oh, that’s a whole new story. Most people, when burned out, choose to hustle their way out. That’s a mistake. It’s because it […]

5 Quick Tips To Be More Likable (Even When You Are Really Shy)

How to be more likable? Simple. Be the loudest one in the room. Brag about how well you are doing in your life, cut people off who don’t share your views, and always always take everything personally. Right? Sure. If you are a self-serving narcissist, these might sound music to your ear. But I believe […]