The Easiest Way To Fuse More Confidence in Your Writing

What do people mean by writing with confidence? Simple. When your writing oozes confidence, your audiences don’t find out that your workstation is a couch and your office wear combines a Deadpool t-shirt, a pair of boxers, and pink flip-flops. (Go on. Quote me on this one.) And when you lack confidence in your voice, […]

The Naval Ravikant Formula To Escape the Rat Race for Good

No. You are not getting an over-glorified version of Naval Ravikant’s life story here. You have had enough of such rags to riches stories. Isn’t it so? All those dated self-help tropes. The anecdotes of unshakable determination and sheer hard work. Highly motivational. Great for sales. But there’s a problem. These stories don’t work. They […]

How To Make It as a Blogger When You Have Run Out of New Ideas

The key to a successful blogging career isn’t to come up with an endless pool of new ideas. It’s more about how well you execute what you already have. Only if someone had told me this when I was a newbie; could it save me from a world of stress and anguish. You can’t keep […]

5 Most Common Job Interview Questions & What They Really Mean

The thing about job interview questions is that they (more or less) stay the same. Then why do most people have such a hard time dealing with the same questions over and over? Imagine walking into a test knowing all the questions in advance. You would kill it, won’t you? Then how is an interview […]

Quitting 9-to-5? Five Questions You Better Ask Yourself Before Taking the Next Big Step

Let me guess. You hate your job. Your boss doesn’t treat you well. You don’t enjoy doing what you are doing. And even after working your ass off, you are living paycheck to paycheck. If you could, you would quit your 9-to-5 right away. You are not alone. Most people are unsatisfied with their jobs. […]

Want To Win as a Blogger? Play It as an Entrepreneur

Of course, being a newbie, you would aim to be at the top. You want to win as a blogger. Don’t you? But you will kill your chances pretty fast if you commit the same mistakes as everyone else. Don’t try to reach the peak by dropping down from your high heaven. That’s how you […]

5 Reasons Why You Are Bad With Your Money (5 Quick Ways To Make It Better)

Am I labeling money as your life force? No. I’m not. But it is essentially the one thing you exchange all your time and energy for. Now, think for a moment. Would you want to treat it worse than your ex-girlfriend? Especially considering how taking care of your money is surprisingly easier than taking care […]

7 Business Quotes That (If Applied) Can Change Your Fortune

Most people get business wrong. Some take it as only a tool to earn as much money as possible to fulfill their desires. These are people who, as buyers, always look for the best deals. However, as business owners, they think people are obliged to pay them top dollar for their crappy products. Then comes […]

How to Dramatically Improve Your Blogging Skills (Even Without Natural Talent)

Blogging is magic. Both consist of knowing your audience well, pulling out effective setups, and playing the ultimate mind tricks to create an entertaining experience. However, just because there are tricks doesn’t mean it’s a cakewalk. It takes intense dedication, discipline, and consistent effort to perform those tricks seamlessly. Even though maintaining the illusion is […]

Don’t Let These 5 Business Myths Fool You Into a World of Pain & Financial Disaster

You are not lazy. You are a hard worker. That’s what you have been doing all your life. You have studied hard, graduated with a degree, nailed the interview, and got the job. But, now, you are feeling stuck. A large chunk of your paycheck is going away, paying off the student loan you took […]

4 Business Books for Aspiring Entrepreneurs With Limited Budget

Simple. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with limited capital, you must know where to invest your time and resources. You can’t afford many mistakes, so you don’t burn your cash for no reason. You have to know what you are doing and why. That’s where most cookie-cutter business books fail you. Here’s something about […]