Edit Your Writing With This Easy Technique To Save Hundreds of Hours

Do you ever feel like a fake? Like you don’t even deserve to be called a writer (let alone earning a living from it). It keeps you wondering, “What if people find out?” Well. You are not alone. I’ve suffered from terrible imposter syndrome as well. And that too for a long time after I […]

Why You Should Focus on Your Audience Over the Algorithm & How

The first time I made money from writing was in 2016. I had just graduated. My cousin offered me a job in his eCommerce startup. I was given lists of keywords to make something up around them in about 700 words. The four words I never heard from them were, “focus on your audience.” In […]

The Surprising Science Behind Why You Can’t Focus & Here’s What To Do About It

It was only a few months ago. I was taking 1 to 2 days to work on an article. Nowadays, it only takes a few hours. No, it’s not that I’ve practiced so hard that I’ve become a super productive machine (although that would be pretty cool). I have been a full-time online writer since […]

The Power of Networking: How to Build Meaningful Professional Relationships

Here’s something that I wish I had learned a long time ago. Neither life nor your professional career is a single-player game. No matter where you are, what you do, and what you want from your life, in some way or another, your life will be impacted by other people’s actions. So if you are […]

How I Use These 5 Android Apps To Outperform a Small-Scale Team

Most content creators, whether YouTubers, Instagram influencers, or famed bloggers, tend to have a small-scale team working for them. But I don’t. It’s not because it’s a dumb idea. In fact, outsourcing and automating specific tasks is the right path to scalability. It reduces your workload, frees up your time, and helps you focus on […]

Here’s How I Get Back to Writing Even When I’m Not Enjoying It

On 6th Oct of this year, I lost my grandmother. Even at 84, she was seemingly healthy. But for the past few months, her condition had been deteriorating. She had been in and out of the hospital since August. And four days later her death, I had to return to the same hospital. This time, […]

Are You Better Off Being Relatable (to Your Audience) Than Inspirational?

Yes. You can maintain a healthy audience engagement without pretending to be more successful than you (really) are. When I started writing under my own name, I had nothing but two unsuccessful ventures and two failed job experiences under my name. Safe to say, that was nothing to brag about, preach, or inspire my audience. […]

Do These To Make Yourself Harder To Replace as an Entrepreneur (or an Employee)

If you haven’t noticed it yet — there’s a hell of a rocky ride waiting for us up ahead. 🔹 Central banks all around the world are increasing interest rates. 💠 Companies are laying off employees. 🔹 Average households are slashing their spending. 💠 The drying cash flow, in turn, is leaving businesses dead in the water. […]

5 Practical Ways To Get Smarter & Better at (Almost) Anything

Who doesn’t want to get smarter? And if you are to believe online articles and YouTube videos, becoming brighter than your middle school class topper is easier than ever. All you have to do is 🔹 set aside your phone 🔹 read more books 🔹 befriend people smarter than you 🔹 and learn to play […]

Want To Live Better? 5 Underrated Books You Should Read at Least Once

Do me a favor! And answer me this. What does it mean to live a better life? Is it about a better payday? Bigger car? Or being in better shape? Let me tell you something. Whatever it is, it’s a lot harder to get it if you are an Indian living with your parents. On […]

Your Blog Section Can (Still) Be an Amazing Tool To Grow Your Business

77% of 4.54 billion active internet users worldwide regularly read blogs. That should be enough to kill all the blog-is-dead buzz. The question isn’t “If you can grow your business through blogging?” It’s more about why you are blogging in the first place. Is it just a hobby? If yes, well, good for you. Keep […]

5 Tiny Changes To Instantly Improve Your Resume & Cover Letter

Back in 2016, as I graduated from college, I didn’t have to look for jobs. A cousin of mine, who had just kickstarted an eCommerce startup, took me in. All I needed to do was submit my CV. Fair enough. So I sat down, Googled some ready-made templates, and filled in the data accordingly. It […]

The Easiest Way To Fuse More Confidence in Your Writing

What do people mean by writing with confidence? Simple. When your writing oozes confidence, your audiences don’t find out that your workstation is a couch and your office wear combines a Deadpool t-shirt, a pair of boxers, and pink flip-flops. (Go on. Quote me on this one.) And when you lack confidence in your voice, […]

The Naval Ravikant Formula To Escape the Rat Race for Good

No. You are not getting an over-glorified version of Naval Ravikant’s life story here. You have had enough of such rags to riches stories. Isn’t it so? All those dated self-help tropes. The anecdotes of unshakable determination and sheer hard work. Highly motivational. Great for sales. But there’s a problem. These stories don’t work. They […]

How To Make It as a Blogger When You Have Run Out of New Ideas

The key to a successful blogging career isn’t to come up with an endless pool of new ideas. It’s more about how well you execute what you already have. Only if someone had told me this when I was a newbie; could it save me from a world of stress and anguish. You can’t keep […]

How To Deal With the Stress of Being a Blogger or Online Writer

It might sound silly. But for a blogger or online writer, getting started isn’t the hardest part. The true stress of being a blogger comes when despite pouring all your soul and heart, it doesn’t reward you enough. Think yourself. How do you keep yourself going when you already know all the tricks, and they […]

Use Your Ear To Fight Workplace Stress (Without Leaving Your Desk)

I get it. Deep down, you do want to g̶e̶t̶ ̶r̶i̶c̶h̶ ̶q̶u̶i̶c̶k be productive. You want to go the extra mile. You want to be more than the average. Most importantly, you want to own that cool Tesla. But the problem is, it’s easier said than done. It’s your body. It tires out. Your mind, […]

Quitting 9-to-5? Five Questions You Better Ask Yourself Before Taking the Next Big Step

Let me guess. You hate your job. Your boss doesn’t treat you well. You don’t enjoy doing what you are doing. And even after working your ass off, you are living paycheck to paycheck. If you could, you would quit your 9-to-5 right away. You are not alone. Most people are unsatisfied with their jobs. […]

Want To Win as a Blogger? Play It as an Entrepreneur

Of course, being a newbie, you would aim to be at the top. You want to win as a blogger. Don’t you? But you will kill your chances pretty fast if you commit the same mistakes as everyone else. Don’t try to reach the peak by dropping down from your high heaven. That’s how you […]

How To Be Functional & Productive Even if You Are Unhappy With Your Life

The best moments of my life (so far) have come right after the worst ones. I topped my college a couple of years after my teacher cum mentor passed away. I met the woman I love right after the worst and most complicated breakup of my life. Even my online writing career took off after […]

5 Bad Pieces of Writing Advice That Turned Out To Be Really Good

If you are a writer or blogger, there’s one thing you will never run out of — writing advice. The more you want, the more you get. Some of them are good. Some of them aren’t. Then there come the ones that challenge our artistic dignity (ego). These pieces of advice don’t make us feel special. They […]

How Is Tim Ferriss So Successful & How You Can Replicate Similar Results

Who doesn’t want a good head start in life? Rich parents. Genius level IQ. Good genetics. Crazy luck. Only if I had those things; all my life problems would disappear. That’s what we tell ourselves. Don’t we? What do we do next? We do what we do best. We sit back and do nothing. While […]

The Most Underrated Technique To Beat Burnout (That Is Also Crazy Effective)

I understand if you don’t want to feel burned out ever again. And with some nifty workload management tricks, you can do that. But, recovering when you are already suffering from burnout? Oh, that’s a whole new story. Most people, when burned out, choose to hustle their way out. That’s a mistake. It’s because it […]

How to Dramatically Improve Your Blogging Skills (Even Without Natural Talent)

Blogging is magic. Both consist of knowing your audience well, pulling out effective setups, and playing the ultimate mind tricks to create an entertaining experience. However, just because there are tricks doesn’t mean it’s a cakewalk. It takes intense dedication, discipline, and consistent effort to perform those tricks seamlessly. Even though maintaining the illusion is […]