5 Micro-Habits To Fight Your Insecurities and Be More Confident

We don’t like to talk about our insecurities. We feel vulnerable and exposed. It makes you feel like there’s something wrong with you. No one else will understand how you feel. Even worse, what if they laugh at you? Your mouth feels dry, you can’t breathe, and you suffer from headaches or muscle tension. You […]

Feeling Down? 5 Underrated Tricks To Boost Your Happiness & Start Fresh

You can’t boost your happiness until you address this question. Why is happiness so rare nowadays? I blame our society. No. Not because it makes us depressed. I mean, it does. But that’s not the main issue here. The problem is that it has messed up our happiness perception from the get-go. So much so […]

5 Simple Ways To Wow Your First Dates Without Faking It

It’s bizarre. Why are first dates so tricky? It’s because there’s a vicious loop hidden deep within it. Here’s what it looks like: The more you try to impress your date, the more awkward it gets. The more awkward it gets, the more it makes you nervous. And the more nervous you get, the more […]

The Surprising Benefits of Being in the Moment: How To Get Exceedingly Better at It

She looked at me like she had known me all her life. It was about a few weeks ago. I was sitting on a park bench after one of my morning runs. All of a sudden, I felt eyes on me. As I turned my head towards the bench next to me, I saw her. […]

5 Super Easy Tricks To Strike and Carry a Conversation Better

Do you struggle to strike and carry a conversation with a total stranger? If you do, I guess you know it by now. Most of the popular solutions to the problem, published by the top journals, don’t really work. At least, not for beginners. It’s easy to say: be confident, maintain eye contact, nod when […]

I’m Making These Financial Moves To Make Life Easier for My Future Self

“Only if I could go back in time, I could make things far better than they are now.” Statements like these are neither reasonable nor helpful. Just think about it. Will blaming your past self for your current issues make it any better for your future? No. Instead, it will further trap you in the […]

Here’s How I Get Back to Writing Even When I’m Not Enjoying It

On 6th Oct of this year, I lost my grandmother. Even at 84, she was seemingly healthy. But for the past few months, her condition had been deteriorating. She had been in and out of the hospital since August. And four days later her death, I had to return to the same hospital. This time, […]

5 Books You Should Read No Matter Who You Are or What You Do

As far as I can say, none of these books have been recommended by media darling billionaires like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or Warren Buffet. Then why should you read these books? It’s because they can change your life. How so? First, let me ask you something. How do you know you are not living […]

Are You Better Off Being Relatable (to Your Audience) Than Inspirational?

Yes. You can maintain a healthy audience engagement without pretending to be more successful than you (really) are. When I started writing under my own name, I had nothing but two unsuccessful ventures and two failed job experiences under my name. Safe to say, that was nothing to brag about, preach, or inspire my audience. […]

Do These To Make Yourself Harder To Replace as an Entrepreneur (or an Employee)

If you haven’t noticed it yet — there’s a hell of a rocky ride waiting for us up ahead. 🔹 Central banks all around the world are increasing interest rates. 💠 Companies are laying off employees. 🔹 Average households are slashing their spending. 💠 The drying cash flow, in turn, is leaving businesses dead in the water. […]

5 Practical Ways To Get Smarter & Better at (Almost) Anything

Who doesn’t want to get smarter? And if you are to believe online articles and YouTube videos, becoming brighter than your middle school class topper is easier than ever. All you have to do is 🔹 set aside your phone 🔹 read more books 🔹 befriend people smarter than you 🔹 and learn to play […]

5 Tiny Changes To Instantly Improve Your Resume & Cover Letter

Back in 2016, as I graduated from college, I didn’t have to look for jobs. A cousin of mine, who had just kickstarted an eCommerce startup, took me in. All I needed to do was submit my CV. Fair enough. So I sat down, Googled some ready-made templates, and filled in the data accordingly. It […]

The Easiest Way To Fuse More Confidence in Your Writing

What do people mean by writing with confidence? Simple. When your writing oozes confidence, your audiences don’t find out that your workstation is a couch and your office wear combines a Deadpool t-shirt, a pair of boxers, and pink flip-flops. (Go on. Quote me on this one.) And when you lack confidence in your voice, […]

How To Heal Out of Your Emotional Trauma When No One Will Support You

It’s not just you. Nor is it any imperfection. It’s only natural. To be human is to suffer. Getting fired. Breaking up with your long-term partner. Letting down your children. Suffering heavy losses in business. The emotional trauma can get unbearable. But it does get better. Sooner or later, we do grow out of these […]

5 Most Common Job Interview Questions & What They Really Mean

The thing about job interview questions is that they (more or less) stay the same. Then why do most people have such a hard time dealing with the same questions over and over? Imagine walking into a test knowing all the questions in advance. You would kill it, won’t you? Then how is an interview […]

Use Your Ear To Fight Workplace Stress (Without Leaving Your Desk)

I get it. Deep down, you do want to g̶e̶t̶ ̶r̶i̶c̶h̶ ̶q̶u̶i̶c̶k be productive. You want to go the extra mile. You want to be more than the average. Most importantly, you want to own that cool Tesla. But the problem is, it’s easier said than done. It’s your body. It tires out. Your mind, […]

84-Year-Old Secret to a Happy Work-Life From Guinness Winner Employee

If you want to find the secret to a happy work-life, here’s a story you will find interesting. It was Jan 17, 1938. The Great Depression era. A 15-year-old Brazilian boy started working for Renaux S.A. to support his family. Fast forward to 2022, the alleged Great Resignation era. The boy, Walter Orthmann, turned 100. […]

How To Make Life Easier for Your Future Self

How to make life easier for your future self? Here is a fair question to ask yourself from the get-go: “Do I want a cozy now, or should I go for a better tomorrow?” It’s not rocket science. Easy choices now, a hard life tomorrow. Hard calls now and an easier life for tomorrow. But […]

5 Simple Changes That Will Help You Beat Anxiety Attacks & Sleep Better

How come so many of us have such a hard time sleeping better? It should not be that hard. Your brain and body? Both are designed to sleep. In fact, they love to sleep. So if you are not sleeping well, there is a good chance you are getting in your own way. Unintentionally, of […]

How To Be Functional & Productive Even if You Are Unhappy With Your Life

The best moments of my life (so far) have come right after the worst ones. I topped my college a couple of years after my teacher cum mentor passed away. I met the woman I love right after the worst and most complicated breakup of my life. Even my online writing career took off after […]

How To Win an Argument With an Idiot (When It Can’t Be Helped)

You probably are familiar with the famous quote of Mark Twain, “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” Of course, we all have been there, haven’t we? We all have those people in our lives. They have strong beliefs and no reasoning to back […]

The Easiest Way To Be More Confident Most People Never Figure Out

“How to be more confident?” Good question. But I have got a better one. “What do you mean when you say the word confidence?” Are you overly concerned about how you look, speak, what car you drive, and most importantly, what other people think about you? If you say yes, you are (A) mistaken and […]

Is Mainstream Media Playing You for a Fool? Here’s How To Tell

Is it just me? Or the mainstream media is getting more and more unhinged with time? They use deceptive headlines, make unsubstantiated claims, and sensationalize sensitive topics for better ad revenue. That’s not it. They also pick sides. Then, they take the moral high ground for having done so. And as a finishing touch, they […]

5 Reasons Why You Are Bad With Your Money (5 Quick Ways To Make It Better)

Am I labeling money as your life force? No. I’m not. But it is essentially the one thing you exchange all your time and energy for. Now, think for a moment. Would you want to treat it worse than your ex-girlfriend? Especially considering how taking care of your money is surprisingly easier than taking care […]

How Is Tim Ferriss So Successful & How You Can Replicate Similar Results

Who doesn’t want a good head start in life? Rich parents. Genius level IQ. Good genetics. Crazy luck. Only if I had those things; all my life problems would disappear. That’s what we tell ourselves. Don’t we? What do we do next? We do what we do best. We sit back and do nothing. While […]

Read These Books To Be More Creative & Get the Most Out of Every Opportunity

Coming from a painter himself, being creative isn’t all about painting and poetries. It’s also about coming up with innovative solutions to stubborn problems. And the better your solutions are; the more people they help, the better rewards you earn. But there’s a problem. Not everyone possesses the same level of creativity. And it’s not […]

How To Catch Narcissists Lie & Make Them Spill the Beans

See. It’s not rocket science. Narcissists lie as means to either save their skins, main their hold of power & attention, or make them feel good about themselves. Also, there’s the part where they take their feelings and opinions and push hard to pass them as facts. Not only to others. But also to themselves. […]